Vintage Photo Restoration 01

Photo Recolourisation

Recolouring an old black and white photograph is a fairly straightforward process, however, it can be quite time consuming. In total, I used thirteen different colour fill adjustment layers to enhance every aspect of the primary subjects. I used five layers for the eyes alone.

Selecting the colours is both enjoyable and tiresome. For certain elements such as the headpiece the model is wearing, I was able to choose practically any colour I desired. It had a darker tone in the original photo, so I chose a rich colour. I did the same for the eyes and lines on the mask she is holding. But for the model herself, I spent quite a lot of time trying to find the perfect blend for her skin. I could tell she is fair, but beyond that, I could only make my best guess. One of the most difficult parts was in fact, recolouring her nails. Finding the perfect shade of peachy pink was arduous because her nails were nude. Had she worn polish, I could have been more creative, but alas, she did not.