Stella Movie Poster

Original Film Poster Design

Stella is my seventeenth original movie poster design. This one has elements of double exposure compositing that I have been wanting to use for quite some time. Since learning about double exposure, I found many great pieces of art that utilise the technique, but I always had difficulty making it work for my own pieces.

After finding a stock photo of an Asian woman wearing a white silk dress, I  knew I had found the perfect canvas to overlay my photo of the starry night sky. Many examples often have the exposed image covering parts of the head and face along with the body, but the subject’s hair was too dark to make that work. Instead I opted to create the pattern on her dress and exclude her skin and hair from the blending process.

I chose the name Stella because the secondary subject of the artwork is the starry sky. The tagline “Les étoiles se souviennent toujours” means “The stars always remember” in French. Beyond obvious references to heavenly bodies, this piece was primarily an exercise in double exposure and not much else.