Seven Teens Movie Poster

Original Film Poster Design

Seven Teens is my twelfth original movie poster and one in which I began to work with human subjects once more. I didn’t have much of an idea beginning this project save for the fact that I wanted a composition containing at least five people and a clear divide between the top and bottom portions of the poster. The name Seven Teens is simply a play on the word Seventeen and the fact that I used seven people in my composition, though they are likely adults.

As for the six people who make the smaller portion of the piece, I didn’t have any particular order of significance for them. I simply placed them according to their shapes and how much space they would take if overlapping another. Although the orientations did somewhat turn out nicely with three looking obviously to the left and two looking to the right while the primary woman is looking straight on.

I enjoy using perspective warps especially when blending text so this was another exercise in making it work. I added the car and the aeroplanes to create a sense of motion in an otherwise static image.