Nicolas Cage Face Swap 02

Stock Photo Manipulation

Face swap number two for my Nicolas Cage series saw a bit of a different technique. Unlike my first one in which I used Nic Cage’s face to cover the entire face of the model, I did something different for this one. I felt that this stock photo model’s freckles were an important feature so I wanted to get as much of the texture intact as possible.

I placed Nic’s face over the model, and then with an layer mask, I hid his cheeks, forehead, chin, upper lip, and temples. Then with a low opacity brush, I revealed the underlying freckles with great subtlety on the nose and in between the eyebrows without allowing her harder features to come through. I am pleased with how this project turned out, but I realised after this piece that facial proportions are extremely varied from person to person which makes choosing a good photo to swap an interesting challenge.