Miami Winter Movie Poster

Original Film Poster Design

Miami Winter is my eighth original film poster design project. Taking a break from working with dark features from my last two film posters, I used a great deal of colour to create a refreshing feel when looking at this image. This poster is a two element composition with a stock photo of the man and a stock photo of the palm tree I placed behind him.

My original intent was to create an interesting effect in which I would replace the reflection in his sunglasses with an entirely different image, but the original image had far too much natural colour to find an adequate replacement. Though I was able to achieve the effect by simply creating a layer mask of the glasses and placing it over the image I chose, I decided to create a beach setting as it felt better than what I intended to make when I first started.

After removing the man from his background, I processed the photo a few times to create a cartoon styled illustrated effect and I did the same for the palm tree as well. Once the layout was complete, I overlayed a paint-like texture on the palmtree to eliminate extra white space around the head of the subject.