Keepers Curse Movie Poster

Original Film Poster Design

Keepers Curse is my fifteenth original movie poster and one I spent quite a while on. This project is a simple composite of two stock images and was borne from the finding of the stock photo of the forest. The original image is magnificent and I had a strong desire to make the most out of it somehow. After much searching, I finally found a suitable stock photo of a woman walking in a cloak which fit perfectly with this ominous forest image.

After heavy processing of the composite and making drastic adjustments, I needed some text that would tie the poster together. My first thought was of the famous logo title for the show Stranger Things and I created a logo similar in style to that. I did attempt to use a transparent outlined version like Stranger Things, but the background of my poster did not allow for such. Instead I opted to create a rose window effect with my Aldrics red and a silver stroke on the text.

The semi-transparent rose window text gave the poster much needed depth and blended nicely with the cloaked figure walking toward the sunrise. I chose a minimalist design with the credit block and the single actress name in the bottom corners of the poster which balanced the final image perfectly.