Ghost Tracer Movie Poster

Original Film Poster Design

Ghost Tracer is my seventh original film poster design. Originally wanting to create a poster with more colour, I opted to go with black and white as the stock photos I found to create this design were perfect for a grayscale effect. I started with the image of the man at the top and originally wanted a female face opposite his. However, when I found the photo of the man behind the wall, I knew it was the right fit.

Based on the simple two image composition, I created the name Ghost Tracer with the idea that the man at the top was a government agent who pursues the “ghost” person shrouded at the bottom of the image. For the font choice, I wanted to use something that had science-fiction or technology based type. After seeing how well the two words fit together almost like puzzle pieces, I decided there was no need to try any other font.

I intended to use another specialty font for the actor names, but decided that might take away from the title text. So I used a basic sans serif font and italicized the first names while emboldening the surnames. I used italics because there is a slanted feel to the poster with the names, the man’s arm and shoulder, and the title text.