Lord of the Rings, Nicolas Cage

Film Poster Face Swap

After learning how to work with faces in portraits, the first thing I thought to do was to Photoshop Nicolas Cage’s face on any image I could. If you’re not familiar, there was a fad many years ago in which artists would place Nic Cage’s face on other people and objects as he had many funny expressions. For my contribution to the meme, I decided to keep a single face and use it whenever possible.

I think the most difficult part about using Nic’s face in Photoshop swaps is his proportions. He has a long, tall face and when you see the original reference photo, you’ll notice how far his extends below the chin of Elijah Wood (Frodo Baggins) in the poster.

Even if the proportion is off, I was really happy with how well my colour matching turned out. I think I did quite well to match the heavily saturated yellows of the film poster and if nothing else, I had a great time blending the colours to create that dense golden tone.