Ephemeris Movie Poster

Original Film Poster Design

Ephemeris is my thirteenth original movie poster design and this one was based on a recent Star Trek promotional project. Though certain elements differ, the most notable references are to the human subjects at the top, the blue ambient lighting, and the perspective shot at the bottom.

After having finished my composition of Seven Teens, I wanted to work with more human subjects in my posters and Star Trek made for a great piece to reference. The three people at the top show primarily their heads with the tops creating the border of the poster. They are all looking straight ahead with the two women on either side looking at an angle which makes for a dynamic piece.

Although I really enjoy using perspective photos with some object that creates a sense of motion, I did not have an easy time finding assets to work with. I did find the fantastic image of a mountain with a bright light which worked perfectly to create a dynamic element when paired with the light shining down the middle of the hallway.