Delusion Movie Poster

Original Film Poster Design

Delusion is my nineteenth original movie poster. After having just finished working with subtle sketch art in my last project, Rising Sun Movie Poster, I wanted to continue but with a more obvious effect. I came across this curious stock photo and thought it would make for a great primary piece for a ghastly type of poster.

Beyond creating the sketch effect, I did not do much to the original photo save for adding the blindfold to the older girl and giving the younger girl’s pendant a garnet colour. After making those small adjustments, I sought to make some simple text for the poster image. I decided on the word “Delusion” as the idea behind the photo was lack of sight. As for the font, I chose a family that looked interestingly modern but also retro. I placed the title vertically as there was not much room elsewhere to place the long word.

Once I finished creating and modifying the sketch effect on the photo, I added a texture to complete the look of the image being an old, vintage piece. I think the final result is quite nice and is a wonderful black and white project that is only enhanced by the small splash of colour at the bottom in the pendant necklace.