Darling Movie Poster

Original Film Poster Design

Darling is my fourteenth original movie poster design. This particular piece was based on a stock photo of a lovely woman who looks to be a bride or bridesmaid. The background of the photo was an olive green colour and the lighting was fantastic, but I decided to eliminate the background to create a phantom lighting effect on the subject alone.

To remove the background, I used a Levels adjustment layer with a layer mask. I set the shadow point to null and with a black brush, revealed the woman in the photo while keeping the surroundings entirely darkened. I then processed the photo with filters and adjustments to create an illustrative design that is evident when you look at the torso and the bouquet of flowers. I kept the features of her face mostly free from the painted illustrative design because I felt they were too important to conceal.

Choosing text for this project proved troublesome as the photo without any wording seemed nearly perfect alone. I struggled with the thought of not adding any text thinking it might sully the poster, but ultimately, I did choose to use a title, her name, and credit block as I do in all my film posters.