Betty Bubble

Portrait Colourisation

Photo colourisations are a really fun and simple way to express creativity with Photoshop. Unless you have a colour photo for reference, as the artist, you are essentially choosing the colours you want to appear in the image. In this particular case of Betty Bubble, her eyes appear to be a shade of brown in the desaturated photo, but I decided to make them blue for the sake of it. The bubble gum could have also been any colour I wanted, but I chose to use the standard pink because it provides great contrast and a nice splash of colour to the photo.

To make the colourised elements, I simply selected the areas and used a colour fill with a layer mask. I then set the blend mode to overlay and reduced the primary opacity. To soften the edges, I went over the areas with a brush with 10% opacity and no hardness. This project was quite fun and I might do another in which I colourise the entire portrait instead of specific elements.