Aldrics Heritage Vineyards

Pinot Noir Wine Bottle Label Design

The first in my Wine Bottle Label Design series, my East Anglia Pinot Noir is rich with flavour, class, and heritage. Keeping true to my brand, logo, and colour scheme, I made a label that was befitting of an old, powerful style. The crest is the letter “A” heavily stylised resembling a dropcap letter one might find in an illuminated manuscript from the 13th century. My name is writ in capital letters with the antiquated English print style which is echoed in the bottle description below. In classic script, I wrote “Heritage Vineyard” which can be difficult to see from a distance. However, the design of the bottle is meant to be seen up close so that every detail can be appreciated.

I created an etching of the vineyard so patrons can see the beauty of the land in which the grapes are grown. At the top of the bottle on the cap label is the monogram letter “A” thoroughly blended to look as a foil stamp.