Aegri Somnia Movie Poster

Original Film Poster Design

Aegri Somnia is my sixth original film poster design. The idea came from the movie The Witch directed by Robert Eggers. It’s a recent film that makes great use of chilling music and cold atmospheres to create a horrifying ambiance. The film has three notable animals, a goat, a raven, and a hare that all represent some workings of witchcraft. Though I did not have photos similar to their quality, I used a stock image of a fox to mimic their haunting portrayal of the beasts.

The poster is set on a pitch background with the fox being the primary subject. Using ten different adjustments, I created the contrasting effect of the shadows and lighting on the fox’s face. For the text, I chose an Old English font family to use as the main title and surnames of the actresses. The other font is a basic script face that I thought worked well with the printed text.

The title Aegri Somnia loosely translates into “troubled dreams” from Latin. I then used the idiom “sleep like a fox” to correspond to the title. Sleeping like a fox means to never fully surrender to sleep, but to rest aware and perhaps with even one eye open so as to fly from any danger that may approach while you slumber.